About Us

PT. Bumi Asri Prima Pratama (BAPP) was established in 2004 which is a company focus in High Speed Diesel (HSD) trading and bunker services. PT.BAPP is a business unit of PT. Pelaksana Jaya Mulia with the number of shareholding up to 93.75%.
PT. BAPP’s business scope include :
1. Trading of High Speed Diesel Oil and Marine Fuel Oil;
2. Providing the bunker services;
3. Ship to ship (STS) and;
4. Providing Floating Storage Unit (FSU) in Batam

PT. Bumi Asri Prima Pratama provides services of High Speed Diesel for Industries, Mining, Domestic and International shipping companies, including oPshore companies and fishing vessels operating in Indonesian economic exclusive zone. This is in order to support the success of Transportation, Industy, Mining, and Marine. It is an addition to get the opportunity to fullfill the needs of high speed diesel with an area focus on Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. We have also expand to the area of Papua

Since 2013 we have facilities and infrastruc- ture in order to strengthen the business lines. By end of 2015 we targeted of sales 100,000 kl of high speed diesel trading and increase our sales volume by 20-25 percent per annum. Several strategic steps have been implement- ed such as:
1. Improving the foundation of human resource management
2. Development of marketing strategy
3. Improving the Information of Technology
4. Improving existance and efectivity of the agents in the provinces in Indonesia
5. Improving cooperation with suppliers such as Shell, British Petroleum, Petronas and Petrochina, Nippon Oil and others

In supporting the need for competent and reliable of human resources will improve the foundation of the company in the area of free market competition. Reliable Information technology will accelerate access to informa- tionand provideservicesfortheclient.Developing an effective marketing strategy by way of expanding branch network. So we can serve the demand and stay closer to our clients, in order to achieve optimal company’s target. PT. Bumi Asri Prima Pratama commited to provide a full services customers satisfaction. Our main commitment is to provide the best services and satisfied our client needs.


High Speed Diesel Oil Supplier and provision of bunker Service with leading-edge capabilities in quality and services, with aim of national and international reputation.


To become a distribution company in the High Speed Diesel Oil (HSD) with main focus of services in the field of Industy, Mining and Transportation nationwide including reliable Bunker Service Provider.